About Us


Our Vision:

Through the development of innovative software that provides the information our clients need to systematically grow revenues; we will become the dominate and the internationally respected company focused on the emerging strategic business area of Sales Operations.

Our Mission:

We will accomplish our vision by becoming the thought, market and revenue growth leader, through the successful development and implementation of our innovative, integrated and easy to use SalesOps software system, which is designed to:

Provide the Information our Clients Need to;

Successfully Plan, Manage and Forecast Future Revenue Growth;

Month after Month, Quarter after Quarter, Year after Year.


Our Values:

We will achieve our Vision and Mission by consistently exhibiting the following Core Values.

  • Excellence – in execution and in everything we do
  • Innovation – we solve challenging problems with elegant, easy to use software
  • Integrity  – in all interactions with our fellow employees, clients and investors
  • Respect  – is always given to our fellow employees, clients and investors
  • Success – we celebrate our employees, clients and investors achieving their goals
  • Teamwork – we work together to achieve our mutual goals
  • Trust  – is earned through always doing what we say we will do
  • Winning – by being the best at what we do


Jim Cannon, Founder

Jim is a proven, visionary, systems thinking, leader.

He has extensive senior level sales management experience leading top performing units at Xerox and IBM; as well as successfully leading a company from start-up to a successful IPO.

Before founding SalesOps Analytics, he was a “Rainmaker” CRM Management Consultant at IBM, and was IBM’s primary external spokesperson on CRM implementation best practices.

During his tenure at IBM, he worked both within IBM and with its enterprise and mid-market clients to fix failed CRM implementations by focusing on improving sales force effectiveness through  implementing world-class sales processes.

These CRM and sales effectiveness projects led Jim to examine both IBM’s and its client’s forecasting and revenue planning processes and thoroughly investigating vendor solutions.

This study, combined with his previous 20 years’ experience of researching Sales Growth Planning and Forecasting best practices, convinced Jim that there was a significant unmet market need.

The unmet market need was for a new sales management system; one that integrates sales revenue and expense planning, sales performance management, and sales forecasting into one closed loop system.

Seeing both the unmet market need and the business opportunity, resulted in Jim forming SalesOps Analytics to help clients improve these critical business processes.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a BS degree in Economics and has received advanced Leadership and Management training in the USAF, Xerox and IBM.

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